Indy Indies
Summer 2020, July 25th

Indy Indies Showcase

Indy Indies is a one-day networking and showcase event for game developers in Indiana and the surrounding region to celebrate their work, refine their practice, and connect with likeminded creators. It is comprised of talks, showcases, and live gameplay. This summer it will all be online at

Showcase Time

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Zeb Wood

Co-Director, Media Arts and Science undergraduate program, IUPUI

Ethan Clark

Game Developer

Brantly McCord

Co-instructor, Purdue University

Ross Hersemann

Founder of Loading Law


Indie Game Dev, 3D artist, & Teacher

Max Nichols

Technical Designer at Bungie

Francesca Carletto-Leon

Contigo Games

Greg Philips

Plow Digital


Be Critical, Be Kind

Brantly McCord

11 AM

The mechanics are the message

Ethan Clark

11:30 am


Greg Phillips

12 PM

Adventures in Empathy | The Student-Studio

Zeb Wood

1 PM

IP For Streaming

Ross Hersemann

2 PM

Development process for Never Yield

Neil Jones

3 PM

Tech Design: What the role is, how different people define it

Max Nichols

4 PM

Designing for Collaborative Play in StarCrossed

Francesca Carletto-Leon (Contigo Games)

5 PM


The Long Gate

David Shaw

6 PM

Plebeian Sojourn

Jenny Buchanan

6:20 PM


Wraith Games

6:40 PM

Hostile Inclination

Samuel Lower

7 PM


Leyline Studios

7:20 PM

Spheres of Damari

Curtis Hagan

7:40 PM

Puck Dungeon

Robert Burita

8:20 PM

3 x 60

Sheri Larrimer

8:40 PM

She Dreams Elsewhere

Studio Zevere

9 PM

To The Rescue!

Little Rock Games

9:20 PM

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